Unlock Growth In 2024 With Nimbu: An Affordable LMS For RTOs In Australia!

Unlock Growth In 2024 With Nimbu: An Affordable LMS For RTOs In Australia!

Are you looking for an LMS that gets the job done, is affordable, easy to use straight out of the box? Introducing Nimbu, an LMS for RTOs designed to deliver online training with ease. We have collaborated with RTOs & educational industry experts to develop an e-learning platform that is user-friendly with a range of features tailored to the needs of RTOs in Australia. With a realistic and easy-to-understand pricing model ensuring accessibility for all.

How Nimbu Will Help Your RTO Succeed & Grow In 2024.

Australia's LMS market is projected to reach a staggering $780 million by 2024, driven by RTOs embracing e-learning and demands for AVETMISS compliance and personalised experiences. As an RTO, you need an e-learning platform that fits your budget, simplifies workflows, and keeps learners engaged. 

Enters Nimbu - An exciting new Learning Management System (LMS) that can save time, money, and effort, helping RTOs & non-accredited training providers deliver top-level online training in an easy & more efficient way.

The powerful yet affordable platform is more than an LMS it's a comprehensive training ecosystem that helps you:

  • Save time and money: Automate tasks like grading, reporting, and progress tracking. It frees up your staff for more important activities.
  • Deliver exceptional learning: Create and manage engaging content in various formats (PDFs, videos, podcasts) and personalise learning paths for each student.
  • Stay compliant with AVETMISS: Easily export data for seamless reporting.
  • Brand your experience: Customise Nimbu's interface to match your RTO's unique identity, fostering a cohesive learning environment.
  • Empower your learners: Access Nimbu's mobile app and give students the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Gain valuable insights: Utilise data analytics to track learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and continuously optimise your training programs.

Let's Look at the values in detail that Nimbu delivers to RTOs!

Streamlined Delivery of High-Quality Online Training.

Nimbu is packed full of features out of the back designed to make online training a breeze for all. Easily build out your course and learning material with a full range of options for engaging content. Quick class creation and student invitation, self-marking assessments and quizzes as well as direct trainer-to-student feedback. RTO specific tools and course configuration such as online Pre-Training-Reviews, easily accessible Pre-Course-Material and an incredibly flexible practical observation creation. Making it easier than ever for RTOs to deliver a robust online training experience for students and trainers alike.

Publish Highly Engaging Content With Ease.

Deliver a fun & engaging learning experience to your students, Nimbu comes with a content library that supports an array of learning material formats. RTOs can upload PDFs, embed videos, podcasts, Canva presentations & SCORM files. Once you have uploaded a library of resources you can build out your training units in just a few clicks. Configuring your course material has never been so easy. An intuitive student interface delivers your content in a simple and easy-to-follow online learning experience for your students.

An Affordable LMS for RTOs of All Sizes.

A cloud-based learning management system that is feature-rich with a realistic price tag, see for yourself with our Monthly Nimbu Estimate Cost Calculator. Pay for what you use, monthly expenses start as low as $750/mo with 500 free users. No more worrying about hidden costs or confusing subscription fees! Nimbu has been designed to be accessible for RTOs of all sizes.

Brand Customisation To Align Student Experience With Your Brand.

Nimbu allows RTOs to easily customise the student interface appearance by uploading their logos, choosing brand colours, and adding custom background images. This fantastic feature ensures your student experience is on brand all the way through their online course. Just a few clicks & a couple of drags & drops and the student experience is uniquely yours!

Easy To Export AVETMISS Data.

This cloud-based LMS for RTOs has a data exporting feature that allows the account owner to export the relevant data for AVETMISS reporting with just a few clicks.

And Finally the Most Important Value Dedicated Customer Support.

Although our platform is designed to be easy to use and navigate out-of-the-box, we are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to get you up and running throughout your use of Nimbu. Our support team is always available to help with anything — whether it's resolving technical issues or addressing general inquiries, new ideas or feedback.

Nimbu In Action: Let's Hear What Our Users Have To Say!

Overall users say that Nimbu LMS has been a game changer. From streamlining operations, boosting completions, and reducing support calls (among others),  implementing Nimbu was the best solution for their problems. Learners especially appreciate the flexible mobile-friendly interface.

Ready to Unlock Growth in 2024?

Don't miss out on the booming e-learning market! Try Nimbu today and experience the difference:

  • Free Trial: Explore Nimbu full potential with a no-obligation trial.
  • Live Demo: Schedule a personalised demo to see Nimbu in action and ask your RTO-specific questions.
  • Download Brochure: Get a comprehensive overview of Nimbu features and benefits for RTOs.

We want you to enjoy using Nimbu so much that we also offer free onboarding, account configuration, and user training!

Our learning management system is versatile, user-friendly & designed to help RTOs deliver exceptional training. A simple subscription model with no hidden fees, zero obligation & free onboarding! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out today with our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL!