An Effective, Well-Built LMS Can Drive Success For RTOs.

An Effective, Well-Built LMS Can Drive Success For RTOs.

An intuitively designed LMS with useful features can play a crucial role in boosting your RTO's success. It can help you achieve your goals faster, whether that be enhancing learner engagement or streamlining the training process.

5 Solid Reasons Why Opting For an LMS Is the Correct Decision for RTOs:

1. Enhanced Efficiency & Cost Savings: An LMS can automate various tasks, reduce operational expenses, and maximise resource utilisation — saving your RTO time & money

2. Data-Driven Decision Making: You can use an LMS to gain real-time insights into learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and personalise learning journeys. It empowers your staff to make informed decisions that are grounded in evidence and aligned with the evolving needs of learners. 

3. Provide Learning On-the-Go: You can break geographical barriers and empower students to learn anytime, anywhere. With an LMS you can ensure that the training you provide remains accessible and inclusive for all.

4. Foster Higher Engagement & Communication: Your RTO can build a thriving learning community with the help of an LMS that facilitates personalised interactions & helps you provide instant feedback to your students.

5. Scale Your Training Programs: An LMS can help you expand your operation without compromising quality or efficiency. With it, you can adapt to diverse needs and effortlessly provide high-quality online training.

The above points make it evident that LMSs are important for RTO's success, but that doesn't mean all LMSs are good or well-suited for your organisation. Before selecting one, you need to know all about its features, capabilities & pricing structure & see if those can help your RTO succeed.

Feature Highlights To Get RTOs Excited About Our New LMS!

Nimbu, the cloud-based LMS is made for RTOs of all sizes bringing accessibility & flexibility to the learners and convenience to the trainers. From better class management to easy content creation to conducting practical online observations — it makes everything a tad easier and considerably less stressful.

The dynamic e-learning platform has been purposefully built to be both user-friendly and budget-friendly, starting at $750 per month with 500 free users. With Nimbu, you pay for what you use. Not convinced yet? Check out our Monthly Cost Estimate Calculator & see how you can forecast future costs as your business grows.

Awesome Features That You Won't Find In Any Other LMS!

An Interface That's Easy To Use Even For Non-Techie People

Nimbu is synonymous with user-friendliness! Anyone who knows how to drag and drop or click buttons on the screen can use the platform. Trainers can easily create classes, send quick email invitations to students, give direct feedback, and track progress, whereas students can just as easily log in & start their training immediately. They can navigate around both from their computers & mobile phones.

Easier Content Management & Course Delivery

Our cloud-based LMS offers a comprehensive suite of tools that makes it possible to easily create, manage, and deliver captivating e-learning content. Users can seamlessly upload content, organise tasks, do online assessments & more, creating high-quality e-learning experiences!

Let's understand what these tools are and how they can help!

Content Creation: To help design courses that foster higher engagement, our LMS lets users upload a diverse range of learning materials in various formats, including PDF files, videos, podcasts, Canva presentations, SCORM files, on-screen articles and online self-marking quizzes directly into the system's content library.

Online Assessments: With Nimbu, your trainers can conduct online assessments in an efficient manner. They can add self-marking questions with limited attempts, edit questions, blend accredited and non-accredited assessments, give feedback, ask for resubmission, and perform various assessment-related tasks, all from one single place!

Practical Observations: Nimbu eliminates the manual processing of paperwork & lets trainers complete their practical observations online without any hassle! They can capture multiple date/time-stamped observations, add comments to them, and conveniently upload them as evidence from their computer or phone.

AVETMISS Data Export: The account owner can export the relevant data for AVETMISS reporting as a CSV file for compliance purposes.

Brand Customisation: RTOs can customise the student interface by uploading brand initials, logos, and images and changing colour schemes with just a few clicks. Organisations can ensure a consistent on-brand experience for students throughout their training journey.

Saves Time By Streamlining Course Creation

Nimbu allows RTOs & organisations to set up default pre-course materials and pre-training reviews (PTR), saving valuable time & helping prepare learners before the training begins.

Pre-Course Material: Trainers can upload pre-course materials such as a course guide or a handbook, set them as the default option and apply them quickly to multiple courses. The option to enforce student acceptance for each item is also available, making it a requirement for them to view the material before accessing a class.

Pre-Training Reviews: Trainers can build PTR questions and save them into a PTR library and then assign them from the library to each course. Just like pre-course material, the reviews can be set as a default and applied quickly to all courses. The enforcement option in this also makes it a requirement to complete PTR before accessing any class.

Let's Wrap It All Up!

From streamlining course creation and class management to offering incredible customisation options, our cloud-based LMS is equipped with remarkable features that meet the needs of every RTO in Australia. Impressive Features aside, Nimbu is affordable & offers free onboarding with zero obligations! So go ahead and start your free 30-day trial by signing up today! It's easy & exciting!