Nimbu: An LMS Tailored To The Needs Of Today's RTOs.

Nimbu: An LMS Tailored To The Needs Of Today's RTOs.

As the world shifts towards e-learning, every organisation, including RTOs, is searching for a perfect Learning Management System (LMS) that not only ensures efficiency but also proves cost-effective. There are many available in the market, but amidst the sea of choices, one select cloud-based LMS stands out & that's Nimbu. 

Let's delve into how Nimbu LMS understands the demands & needs of these organisations & caters to them in innovative ways that break new ground.

The Demand For Affordability

The high price tag is a point of concern for many & that's why most RTOs & non-accredited training providers in Australia want an affordable LMS. Nimbu meets this demand by being a low-cost, high-value e-learning platform.

  • The Subscription Model

Nimbu has adopted a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, which starts at $750 per month with 500 free users. The flexible model allows users to seamlessly adjust their subscriptions to match the evolving needs of their growing business.

Our cloud-based LMS helps users get a realistic estimate of their actual costs in providing online training. Just select your monthly average users & your monthly storage needs & it will calculate the exact amount you need to pay. Seeing the math behind the pricing means more transparency, less confusion & no fear of hidden costs!

The Demand For a Modern, User-Friendly Interface

A low price point doesn't mean much if the LMS is difficult to navigate. Nimbu strikes the perfect balance between affordability & functionality. From icons & buttons to menus & search bars — every element in this clean, thoughtfully designed platform facilitates effortless navigation, ensuring users always find what they need with ease. 

  • The Mobile Friendly Student UI

Nimbu works on both desktop & mobile, which means students can access their training wherever & whenever they want.

  • The Intuitive Trainer Dashboard

Trainers can quickly access key action items & training materials such as class information, student progress, assessments, observations etc., all from one user-friendly dashboard.

  • The Brand Customisation

RTOs can effortlessly customise the student interface. They can select brand colours, upload logos, brand initials for mobile viewing, and background images, promoting a more engaging learning experience that's on brand.

The Demand for Useful Features

There are several must-have features that must be in an LMS for it to be useful to the RTOs of today. Nimbu has them all & more! It's made to help save valuable time & deliver excellent online training by making class management, online assessment, practical observation, and so on easy.

  • The Impressive Features That Streamline Training Delivery 

Class Management - Users can send student invites with just one click, create unlimited classes, configure them & control the training delivery sequence.

Content Library - RTOs can create a content-rich library by uploading PDF files, videos, podcasts, Canva presentations, SCORM files & on-screen articles.

Online Assessment - Trainers can use self-marking questions with limited attempts, evidence upload or short answer questions with direct student feedback while conducting online assessments. They can even blend accredited and non-accredited training materials & assessments.

Practical Observation - Nimbu makes it easier than ever to conduct practical observations. Multiple observations, evidence capturing with date/time stamps, student and classroom level observation - all can be done with just a few clicks.

AVETMISS Reporting - Organisations can quickly export relevant data for AVETMISS reporting. They can also use the export archive to get copies of previously exported files.

  • The Unique Features That Saves a Lot Of Time

RTOs & organisations can set up default pre-course materials and pre-training reviews (PTR) within our cloud-based LMS and make them a compulsory read or task that students have to do before accessing any class. A very handy feature for those who use the same pre-course material or training review across multiple courses.

In addition to having a robust LMS, there are other strategies your RTO can implement to excel in this digital era.

Strategy 1 - Invest in Technology Infrastructure: Ensure your RTO have robust technology infrastructure to support digital initiatives, including high-speed internet access and reliable hardware.

Strategy 2 - Foster Digital Literacy: Provide training and support to your staff and learners to enhance their digital skills and adaptability in utilising digital tools and resources.

Strategy 3 - Stay Agile and Adaptive: Embrace a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, regularly evaluating and adapting digital strategies to meet changing needs and technologies.

The Takeaway 

Nimbu is new & exciting, offering solutions that are ideal for the RTOs of the current digital era looking to deliver high-quality online training in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner. It's dynamic, easy to use and comes with free onboarding, account configuration and user training! So, why not try it out today with our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL!