Undeniable Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly LMS For Australian RTOs

Undeniable Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly LMS For Australian RTOs

Did you know nowadays a Learning Management System (LMS) needs to be mobile-friendly for it to be considered good? Yes, it has become a must-have feature & rightly so, as it provides many benefits, enhancing the online training experience for both RTOs & other training providers.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of mobile-friendly LMS designs and why Nimbu, our cloud-based LMS is perfect for your organisation.

3 awesome benefits of mobile-friendly LMS designs:

Increase Accessibility

With the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and tablets, a mobile-friendly LMS enables learners to access their online training anytime, anywhere & even learn on the go. It has made sure that downtime becomes an opportunity for productive learning sessions, empowering students to seamlessly integrate online training into their daily routines.

Increase Engagement

A mobile-friendly LMS doesn't just facilitate access; it also drives higher levels of learner engagement. By providing a user-friendly interface optimised for mobile devices, learners are encouraged to interact with course content more frequently and for longer durations. With features such as quizzes and discussion forums, students are prompted to stay actively engaged with their training materials, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter and a more enjoyable learning experience overall.

Real-Time Assessment Feedback

When an LMS is mobile-friendly, the student doesn't have to go home sit in front of a computer & then see the feedback they have been given. They can instantly log in from their phones & check the feedback they have received. As a result, learners can make timely adjustments to their study habits and learning strategies, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient learning outcomes.

Now, let's find out how Nimbu streamlines online training delivery for RTOs in Australia.

Whether you are a small RTO, a well-established one or a non-accredited training provider, Nimbu offers a range of features to help you achieve your organisational needs.

What to know about Nimbu.

Nimbu is made so that RTOs of any size can manage classes easily, configure courses quickly & deliver high-quality online training, all within a single, user-friendly platform, eliminating inconveniences & expenses associated with traditional training methods & overly complex LMS platforms with confusing subscription plans.

5 ways Nimbu makes it easy for RTOs to deliver exceptional online training.

1. Create Unlimited Classes (and speed it up ) With Quick Invites.

With Nimbu, class management has never been easier! Organisations can create as many classes as they want and save time by sending Single-click invitations via mail, granting students instant access to their virtual classrooms. Trainers can also control the delivery sequence & decide if they want to open the units to their students at an individual or class level.

2. Improve Online Assessments With Various Tools.

The online assessment features within Nimbu were developed with student experience & compliance requirements in mind. The LMS lets you build comprehensive online assessments with tools that allow self-marking quizzes & short answers with limited attempts, blending of accredited and non-accredited training materials & easy communication with direct trainer-to-student feedback, ensuring a robust and efficient assessment process.

3. Conduct Flexible Practical Observations

Nimbu caters to every RTO's delivery needs! From file uploads and checklists to short answers — you can use our e-learning software & conduct different types of practical observation. You can also observe multiple times & capture evidence with precise date and time stamps. Whether you're observing an individual or a classroom, switching between these views is effortlessly seamless & so is for trainers to add comments to the entire observation or each observatory checkpoint.

4. Customise the Student UI To Align With Your Brand

Low engagement rates are often a result of poorly functioning student UI. But for Nimbu users, this isn't a concern at all, as it boasts a student interface that's both mobile-friendly & easy to navigate. All your students have to do is login & they can immediately access their training anytime, anywhere! You can even upload logos, change brand colours, add different background images & tailor the interface to your liking — creating a distinct learning experience for your students.

5. Create Engaging Content & Export AVETMISS Report Data With Ease.

You can't have an amazing e-learning experience without great content. Fuel learner engagement and make their learning experience enjoyable with the help of Nimbu's content library, which supports an array of learning material formats. Upload PDFs, embed videos, podcasts, Canva presentations & SCORM files and configure your course with just a few clicks. 

That's not all! Nimbu also helps save time by letting you export & download data for AVETMISS reporting. Thanks to its export archive, you can retrieve previously exported files whenever needed.

A Pricing Structure That Will Work For Every RTO.

Nimbu has adopted a pay-for-what-you-use subscription model with monthly expenses beginning at just $750, inclusive of 500 free users. Use our Estimate Cost Calculator & pay the amount that's right for you! Using Nimbu means never having to worry about hidden fees making an unexpected dent in your budget.

A Customer Support Team That's Always There To Help.

Nimbu's customer support team is expert at handling queries. Whether you have a general question about the LMS or encounter a technical hiccup, no matter the issue, users can always reach out and get the help they need without much delay.

Make Online Training Delivery Simple With Nimbu!

Using Nimbu eases every aspect of your training delivery. It enhances learner's experience and helps grow your business. Plus, you also get free onboarding, account configuration and user training! This exciting new LMS comes with no drawbacks. So, sign up for our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL today!