Top 3 Reasons For RTOs To Choose Nimbu.

Top 3 Reasons For RTOs To Choose Nimbu.

A well-designed Learning Management System (LMS) can streamline online training delivery for RTOs & make e-learning more fun & engaging for the students. Unfortunately, a lot of them come with hidden costs and inefficiencies, making it difficult to choose one with confidence and peace of mind. 

That's all about to change because we have designed Nimbu, an affordable LMS with all the useful features that RTOs in Australia have been looking for! Finally, every Australian RTO & other training organisation will be able to deliver high-quality online training to their students and find success in the current digital landscape.

Elevate online training delivery with Nimbu LMS – 3 reasons why it's a must!

  1. It's affordable! Perfect for RTOs of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized RTO, a large organisation, or a non-accredited trainer, Nimbu offers a scalable, cost-effective e-learning solution with its pay-for-what-you-use pricing model that starts at $750 per month (includes 500 free users).

Interested in estimating your future expenses as your business expands? Check out our Estimate Cost Calculator! It's designed to give you complete transparency, which means no confusion, no guesswork & no worrying about any hidden costs.

  1. It simplifies online training delivery for everyone involved.

Delivering top-notch online training is a breeze with our robust LMS. Equipped with a wealth of features it allows organisations to manage classes, build courses, deliver training, and conduct online assessments & practical observations with ease. 

Best features that make Nimbu unique:

  • Unlimited class creation with single click student e-mail invitation.
  • Self-marking assessments & quizzes with limited attempts.
  • Quick communication with direct trainer-to-student feedback.
  • Flexible online practical observations with date/time stamps.
  • Course creation with a variety of engaging content.
  • Easy AVETMISS data export for reporting.

  1. It comes with an intuitive student UI, that's also customisable.

Easy to navigate & mobile-friendly — Nimbu's student interface makes remote learning a lot more accessible. After logging in, students can easily locate their course materials and assessments, keep tabs on their progress, view trainer feedbacks, and more, all from one place.

The e-learning platform also allows brand customisation. You can add logos, custom background images & change brand colours to keep the learner's experience on-brand.

In a Nutshell.

Nimbu is a comprehensive and powerful LMS with dynamic tools and features, making it a great pick for RTOs looking for affordability & ease of use & their students who want an engaging and interactive learning journey.

Currently, we are offering free onboarding, account configuration, user training and a no-obligation 30-day free trial period! So, why wait any longer? Hurry up & try it today!