A New Standard For Training Delivery In the Australian VET Industry.

A New Standard For Training Delivery In the Australian VET Industry.

The government of Australia wants to raise the standard for training delivery within the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Since registered training organisations (RTOs) are the ones responsible for doing the work, and making sure everyone gets the training they need, new reform plans are underway that will provide better support & help them provide high-quality training.

Revising Training Standards

The new revision's aim is to enhance the focus on quality outcomes for learners and employers, improve clarity for RTOs and regulators, and foster flexibility and innovation in training delivery. The Draft revised Standards have been developed through a comprehensive process involving sector feedback, expert reviews, and research analysis. Public consultation on an earlier draft was conducted from November 2022 to January 2023, with feedback incorporated into refined draft Standards for piloting.

The piloting phase that happened in late 2023, assessed the practical application of the draft revised Standards across various RTO settings. Key objectives include testing the measurability of RTO performance against the draft Standards and ensuring they support effective regulation. Piloting activities encompassed diverse RTO types, sizes, and focuses, seeking to enable compliance demonstration in different ways, foster excellence and innovation, and enhance regulators' ability to identify risk.

The pilot involved online surveys, focus groups, and simulated performance and monitoring activities with a sample of providers identified by states and territories, RTO peak bodies and ASQA. The anticipated release of the finalised Standards is set for early to mid-2024, with plans for effective implementation by January 2025, supported by guidance materials and regulatory policies informed by pilot findings.

Boosting VET Workforce Quality

In response to significant supply and retention challenges within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) workforce in Australia, a VET Workforce Blueprint is being developed to address these issues and ensure the sector's long-term sustainability. This initiative, stemming from the Jobs and Skills Summit, aims to support and enhance the quality of the VET workforce by identifying effective strategies for attraction, retention, career development, and succession planning.

A Steering Group has been established, comprising representatives from the Australian Government, States and Territories, VET peak bodies, unions, and industry peak bodies. This group will provide strategic guidance and oversight to ensure the Blueprint effectively addresses the needs of the VET workforce and supports the sector's sustainability moving forward.

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