Nimbu Can Help RTOs With Productivity, Performance & Engagement.

Nimbu Can Help RTOs With Productivity, Performance & Engagement.

To deliver excellent online training in the vocational education and training sector, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) need an LMS with robust support, valuable features, and a user-friendly interface - all essential elements of an effective online learning platform.

Nimbu, the best learning management system in Australia can help both accredited and non-accredited organisations deliver high-impact online training, ensuring success & growth for the business. It's dynamic, affordable & has got plenty of in-built tools to help make an engaging online learning environment for the students.

Let's discover how this LMS redefines the online learning journey for educators and students alike.

Nimbu Improves Productivity By Streamlining Various Tasks

Our innovative online training platform can simplify many tasks for trainers. It makes unlimited class management easy, course configuration a breeze & assessment creation a quick endeavour. With time-saving tools such as Pre-Training-Reviews & Pre-Course-Material, coupled with an intuitive trainer dashboard, Nimbu caters to every trainer's needs, making their job easier than ever.

Nimbu Drives Performance With Data-Driven Insights

With the right data, you can keep track of student progress, measure course efficacy & identify avenues for improvement. That's why Nimbu is built to provide RTOs & their trainers with valuable insights that can come in handy while fine-tuning training methodologies & personalising learning experiences, bolstering overall performance outcomes.

Nimbu Boosts Learner Engagement By Providing An Interactive & Collaborative Environment.

Students nowadays are accustomed to having access to information when and where they want it. Nimbu's student interface reflects this modern demand by being mobile-friendly & user-friendly, facilitating on-the-go learning.

Creating courses and learning materials that captivate students' interest is vital to prevent disengagement & incorporating visual or audio aids can definitely help with that. Nimbu makes it easy for you to build courses & training units with a variety of learning materials. It lets you drag and drop PDFs, videos, podcasts, Canva presentations, and SCORM files into your content library, so you can add them into questions, units, or entire assessments.

Nimbu also allows you to customise the student interface so you can create a seamless student experience that aligns with your brand. You can upload logos, change colours, add background images & more! 

Let's talk about the support & affordability!

From providing a dedicated support team to a realistic price tag, our LMS does everything it can to make high-quality training delivery accessible for RTOs of all sizes. With Nimbu, instead of paying a flat fee or a recurring subscription, you pay for what you use & the base price starts at $750/mo with 500 free users! The support team also provides obligation-free onboarding & user training once you sign up. 

Final Thought!

Nimbu is one powerful LMS packed with incredible features to help you create, manage, deliver and track online training with ease. It ticks all the boxes & offers everything you ever need for your RTO. So, go for it & try it out today with our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.