How Nimbu Transformed Online Training Delivery For Its Users.

How Nimbu Transformed Online Training Delivery For Its Users.

RTOs in Australia are seeking an affordable solution that enables them to deliver top-notch online training and elevate the educational experience of their learners. And guess what? We've got something that fits the bill perfectly - Nimbu LMS. It's got all the functionality a training organisation needs to succeed.

Nimbu is truly a game-changing e-learning platform, making online training a breeze for its users. And to prove it, we are shedding a spotlight on some of our client stories, highlighting the fantastic benefits they've experienced since switching to Nimbu.

Client 1 - Simplified Every Aspect Of Training Delivery!

This organisation found its previous system overly complex & challenging to navigate. Simple tasks like sending student invites to join a class or configuring courses always turned into a headache, leaving everyone frustrated. So, they were looking for a user-friendly solution to make training delivery a whole lot easier.

Through its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Nimbu simplified the tasks that were once cumbersome. It streamlined class management, course delivery, practical observation & online assessment with awesome features like direct trainer-to-student feedback. From unlimited class creation to quick student invites to easy content creation — now they can do everything with just a few simple clicks!

Client 2 - Eliminated the Confusion Of Complicated Subscription Plans!

Small in size, this RTO always found it difficult to pick an LMS. The confusion surrounding subscription plans of LMS platforms available in the market was a major roadblock & they needed an affordable one with a pricing model that made sense and suited to their scale of operation.

Nimbu became the perfect fit with its pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, designed to make high-quality online training accessible to every RTO, regardless of size or budget. With the help of Nimbu's Monthly Cost Estimate Calculator, they could figure out the exact amount they needed to pay & forecast their future costs. Now, that's some serious peace of mind!

Client 3 - Increased Student Engagement!

This RTO was facing the classic problem of low student engagement. The lack of flexibility in learning & engaging content materials, difficulty in conducting assessments & delays in trainer feedback all contributed to the problem.

Nimbu came to the rescue with a content library that supports a variety of learning material formats. The RTO can now upload PDFs, embed videos, podcasts, Canva presentations & SCORM files. With the help of unique features like self-marking quizzes & direct trainer-to-student feedback, online assessment became super easy to do & Nimbu's mobile-friendly interface made it possible for their students to access training anywhere, at all times!

Go forth & Try Nimbu For Yourself!

Time & time again, the cloud-based e-learning platform has made first-rate online training effortless & affordable for the RTOs & training organisations of Australia. Plus, there is also free onboarding, account configuration and user training! So, hurry & try it out today for free with our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL!