6 Reasons Why Nimbu Is So Popular Among RTOs Of Australia.

6 Reasons Why Nimbu Is So Popular Among RTOs Of Australia.

Nimbu was designed to shake up the vocational education and training (VET) industry & change the way RTOs & other organisations deliver online training. And it did just that, with flying colours! The affordable, dynamic new learning management system (LMS) offered a wide range of features and benefits that have never been seen in any other e-learning platform before.

Let's find out more about why so many organisations are choosing & sticking by Nimbu & what exactly makes this LMS stand out in a crowded market.

It's got a realistic & transparent pricing model.

The best things are often expensive, but that's not the case with our learning management system — made to be best at catering to every need of RTOs while remaining affordable.

Nimbu's pay-for-what-you-use pricing model starts at $750/mo with 500 free users & you can calculate how much more you will have to pay if your needs exceed the starting plan with our Monthly Nimbu Estimate Cost Calculator. Transparent & easy to understand, the subscription amount aligns perfectly with the needs of the users.

The customer service is top-notch!

Nimbu is customer first & the platform delivers on that promise by always providing fast and thorough support to all its users. Day or night, technical issues or general queries — the customer support team is always ready to help out! The team also provides free onboarding, account configuration and user training, so every RTO, small or big, can get started with Nimbu quickly, without any hassle.

Online training delivery has never been easier!

Our learning management system simplifies online training delivery for RTOs of all sizes. It allows easy creation of unlimited classes, single-click student invites, self-marking assessments and quizzes, as well as direct trainer-to-student feedback. With Nimbu, it only takes a few seconds for organisations to build & configure courses with built-in time-saving tools such as Pre-Training-Reviews & Pre-Course-Material.

High learner engagement is a guarantee as it allows RTOs to upload a variety of learning materials into the content library, including PDFs, videos, podcasts, Canva presentations, and SCORM files. It also provides the flexibility of multiple observations and evidence capturing and aids in AVETMISS Reporting by letting users export relevant data with just a few clicks.

The student UI is truly exceptional!

Another area where Nimbu excels is the student interface. Apart from being mobile-friendly, it also can be customised by uploading logos, choosing brand colours, and adding custom background images. The clean, intuitive UI along with the unique look that RTOs can design with just a few drags & drops, makes the learning experience unforgettable for students.

It's tried, tested & loved by many.

Positive word-of-mouth is the best endorsement, and we're proud to say that organisations who have already made the switch to Nimbu consistently praise its ease of use, features, and affordability.

Final Thoughts

Nimbu is the leading online learning platform that functions better than any other in getting the job done quickly & efficiently, saving users time & money! It's here, it's popular & it will continue to impress every player in the VET industry even in the future. The LMS comes with no risk, no obligations & no hidden costs, so why not sign up & try it out today for free with our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL?