2024 E-Learning Trends RTOs Should Know About

2024 E-Learning Trends RTOs Should Know About

The landscape of online learning is constantly changing. Every year, new ideas, technological innovations, learning strategies, and discoveries about learners' preferences shape the way we approach online training delivery. So, to survive & thrive in this dynamic world of online education, your RTO needs to stay updated on the latest trends & anticipate what's to come next.

Let's start the year 2024 by exploring the top 3 trends that can elevate your training delivery & significantly boost your organisation’s success.

Trend 1 - Interactive Learning

Human beings are social animals. The more we interact, the more we learn, and the more we grow. That's why virtual classrooms can sometimes be disadvantageous, but not when you choose an interactive learning experience for your learners. Fun quizzes, immersive videos, and gamification elements such as leaderboards, rewards & badges can make learning fun, boost knowledge retention, foster motivation and keep learners coming back for more.

The top benefits of interactive learning:

  • Increased engagement and motivation: Learners are more likely to be interested and invested in their learning when they're actively involved.
  • Improved knowledge retention: Interactive activities help learners process and retain information more effectively than passive learning methods.
  • Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Interactive learning often requires learners to apply their knowledge to solve problems, which strengthens their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Enhanced communication & collaboration skills: Interactive activities provide opportunities for learners to communicate and collaborate with others.

Trend 2 - Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer a sci-fi trope; it's in fact one of the most impactful trends, revolutionising e-learning, making it more efficient & effective. It's like having a personal tutor, giving feedback in real-time, recommending solutions & even adjusting difficulty levels based on student's learning strengths and weaknesses.

The top benefits of AI in online learning:

  • Personalised learning paths: AI algorithms can analyse learning data (quiz results, e-learning platform activities, & etc) and then recommend the most effective learning path for your students. 
  • Intelligent feedback: Forget generic automated feedback. AI can now provide personalised feedback, helping your learners identify areas for improvement.
  • Streamlines trainer's tasks: AI can automate many tasks such as course building, grading & etc, freeing up your trainers' valuable time

Trend 3 - On-the-Go Learning

In today's fast-paced world, learning needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere. That's why mobile-friendly e-learning platforms will be in high demand. RTOs who invest in robust mobile learning platforms will be able to reach a wider audience and cater to the modern learner's demand for convenience.

The top benefits of on-the-go learning:

  • Increased flexibility and convenience: Learners can fit learning into their existing schedules without sacrificing other commitments.
  • Improved knowledge retention: Short, focused learning sessions can be more effective for retaining information than longer, traditional sessions.
  • Enhanced engagement: Mobile-friendly content such as podcasts & videos can make learning more enjoyable and interactive.

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Summing Up

The e-learning future is promising & exciting, bringing many growth opportunities for RTOs. All you have to do is evaluate the impacts of every major emerging trend & see what course of action you can take to reap their benefits the most.